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Dr. Jen Bennett- Clermont, FL December 2017
All I can say is Drew was AWESOME!! He did everything with excellence and I', SO grateful that we worked with him in selling our home! He was fantastic and as I mentioned to him, I'm actually going to miss our phone calls and texts. He was always one top of it, answered all my questions and walked us through the whole process! I would HIGHLY recommend hom to others!

Michelle A.- Groveland, FL November 2017
Thank You Drew for all of your help! It was a pleasure working with you during this process!

Jean & John S.- Tavares, FL October 2017
It was a pleasure working with Kathy. She was a very accomodatinand always willing to help us in any way she could. 

Janice & Wayne C.- Tavares, FL October 2017
Kathy and Tony both were outstanding. We wish we could of rated them an 10 (rating was 1-5) They are in "our" book. Thankyou for being you!

Carmen & Sandro- Mascotte, FL August 2017
It has been a pleasure to work with Drew Evans. His sincerity and integrity during all this process were A+. We want to say Thank You again for all your help during my home sale and my new home purchase. I couldn't have done it without you! His expert advice and quick response to all of our questions were greatly appreciated. I couldn't be more pleased with the end result!

Connie C.- Groveland, FL May 2017
Caleb was referred to my by one of his old school techers that has kept up with him. He is currently trying to sell another property for me and my son is going to let him sell his house. Great Job.

Aracelis C.- Bronx, NY April 2017
Dan was a pleasure to work with. He guided my first home buying experience and continues, to help even after the deal was closed. It's a pleasure to work with someone so dedicated to this field of work. 

William L.- Pelzer, CA April 2017
Of all the closings I have been though, this was by far the easiest, quickest, best organized of 20+ in the past. (Dan Thompson)

Nikia J.- Clermont April 2017
Caleb is an awesome & honest real estate professional. He made my home selling & buying process easy. He felt more like a friend instead of a realtor. Recommend him highly. 

Wilma F.- North Carolina March 2017
Ashley was a God-send and made the transaction very smooth. Thank you

Meg & Dave- Clermont, FL December
Everyone thinks realtors are just salesman and they want a quick buck....not Tony! From the moment I received his response to my inquiry I had a very positive feeling about him. When my husband and I met him, we could tell he was a very honest person and could tell us what he really thought. Tony is very quick to respond to text messages, phone calls, and emails. Even though he has a great team behind him, he is the only one you deal with. Tony was with. Tony was with us every step of the way in selling our house and truly had our best interest at heart. We had to wait to put it on the market but he kept us informed on how the market in Clermont is progressing through out that time. After 1 day on the market, we received an offer even before the open house! If we were not relocating out of the area, we would want him to help us in buying a new home too! We wish there were more realtors like him!

Gary & Jaque G..- Clermont, FL August 2016
Tony did a great job! Sold our house for $5,000 over our asking price. He also negotiated our new home well, with a different seller. He did an excellant job all around.

Eric B.- Groveland, FL May 2016
Caleb has been exceptional at keeping us informed. He was knowledgeable and fantastic. We will refer him to our friends and family!

Graynell K.- Leesburg, FL May 2016

Caleb had an aggressive, focused approach to out sale!

Amy D & Robert A.- Leesburg, FL May 2016

Wonderful! Caleb was always available and made us feel comfortable!

Greg G.- Winter Garden, FL January
Tony is now our realty for life. He is thoroughly competent at each of the basic tasks you would expect from a realtor. His commitment to our purchase; responsiveness to our needs and communication; knowledge of the process and available connections to streamline the best deal through the best financial vendors possible--are just some of the things that set him apart. In an industry that exposes the customer to a wide variety of styles of the things that set him apart. In an industry that exposes the customer to a wide variety of styles and personalities (most of them not good), Tony is a welcome reminder that there are still professionals who care about work-ethic, integrity, honesty and follow through

Sam & Sara D.- Clermont, FL November 2015
We have bought a few homes with many Realtor's, some being big time companies, others small time. Tony is the best we have found. He knows his values of neighborhoods, he responds quickly and professionally, he is ALWAYS on time to appointments (keeps you int he loop and up to date)

Margaret S.- Clermont, FL July
Aimee Stanley was rare in fact that we never waited for a call back. She was prompt to find the right answer to any and all of our questions. 

Marcella I.- Clermont, FL, July 2015
I am so glad that I choose Aimee at Optima One Realty to represent me in the purchase of a commercial property. Her knowledge, negotiating skills and patience exceeded my expectations and helped to ensure a smooth stress-free transaction. Aimee is a true professional!

Bruce & Linda K.- Clermont, FL,
Aimee, Thank you for your excellent service you provided us when buying our three rental properties. Your professionalism, knowledge of the market and advice, made all the transacations go smoothly. As Real Estate Broker myself in another state, I have high expectations when working with a Realtor, you exceeded these. 

Greg & Jennifer T.- Clermont, FL, April 2015
Awesome Job! We are referring him (Tony Stanley) to anyone who needs anything real estate related! He's also a Raiders fan so he deserves an extra "5" for that as well!

Antonio C.- Michigan, March 2015
I have found Aimee to be incredibly knowledgeable, very thorough and very communicative during the entire process. She helped me purchase my unit later helped me sell that same unit. I recommend her to all my friends that go to Florida looking for a place. 

Zuhal F.- Clermont, FL, March
She (Kimberly Kosterno) is one of a kind, I will recommend her to my friends. Very professional agent. 

Michelle S.- Clermont, FL January 2015
So glad Optima One Realty and Caleb were suggested to us when we needed to find a house to rent. One of the first options ended up being the perfect one for us. Caleb and Optima One Realty made it stress-free. For any future real estate needs I'll definitely contact Caleb and Optima One.

Kamar & Fikret O.- Turkey, January 2015
Concerning the house we are gonna buy in your country, because of her professional performance, her patience and her hardworking efforts we'd like to thank Kimberly Kosterno before your company. 

Children of Wachao & Neng X.- Clermont, FL January 2015
Morning Kimberly, 
My parents and I would also like to thank you for your patience and all the hard work you'd done for us from staging the house to keeping in touch with my parents most importantly making my parents best interest your top priority. It's a beautiful home in a quiet and caring neighborhood I hope the new owner will make the most of it more than we have. My parents particular my mom will miss the home and Florida weather during the cold winter in Wisconsin but they'll be just fine regardless how beautiful Florida is they still misses and at time lonely when not close to us children. Again thank you you'd been awesome!! Thanks a million

Marie T.- Winter Garden, FL December 2014
Tony Stanley is an excellent and knowledgeable realtor. He really listens to your needs and does his best to fulfill them. He also responds to phone calls and emails very quickly and follows through on his word. I would highly recommend him. 

James J.F.- Winter Garden, FL October
I interviewed several real estate companies before selecting Optima One. Tony was outstanding!! All my questions and requirements were handled professionally and promptly. I would not hesitate to recommend Optima One to any of my friends or family.

Marie & Dan T. - Visited from New York to look at homes in October 2014
Tony- Thank you so much for your time, expertise, and hard work! We look forward to finalizing our new home with you

Michael & Rhonda B.- Clermont, FL October
Mrs. DeAnnuntis was out rock through our this buying process. We hit lots of blocks but she was there and helped us knock each one down. I would not have chosen anyone else that could have been more suitable to help us through all the stops. So thankful for Marion. 

Nick R.- Clermont, FL September
Tony Stanley is an excellent agent, I have dealt with many agents in my career and he went above and beyond the normal to find me this home and look forward to doing more business in the future.

A Clermont Native, Clermont, FL August 2014
Tony was very easy to work with, and was extremely polite. He was very knowledgeable about the area and I could tell that this was his passion becuse of how honest he was with me. I would recommend him a thousand times. 

Florentina B.- Fort Myers, Florida - August 2014
 I am very happy with the outcome and I will recommend Ana to anyone who needs a great agent!

Glidden & Phayao Q.- Clermont, Florida -July 2014
 "To the point- Not pushy", "Very Honest", "I am a Doctor in Medicine and Doctor in Dental  Medicine with many other medical diplomas- the most important thing to me was  the Honesty of  Kimberly and no pushiness. I was a country boy who always had a farm, so I  liked the day I met her, a real "Cowgirl".

Janice S.- Clermont, Florida -July 2014
Caleb is very professional, I enjoy working with him during this short period. I felt very comfortable with im as a realtor. 

Bruce & Tori G.- Lakeland, Florida -July 2014
Aimee did an amazing job for us! We were so glad we had her to represent us and help us through every step! Very Greatful, Thank You Aimee!

Sherie W.- Clermont, FL 2014
Dealing with Aimee at Optima One Realty was the most enjoyable transaction. We signed the contract on my dad's house on a Monday, by Tuesday afternoon we had five offers....we closed within 6 weeks!!! Aimee works hard for her clients!

Bobby- Southwest Florida

Tony, Congratulations on your closing at 8th Place, We appreciate your professionalism and cooperation in getting the transaction closed. Working with great agents such as yourself is always a pleasure

Diana R.- Groveland, FL 
Caleb was a positive, energetic, polite partner too work with. he worked hard to market my home and get me what I needed for it. Thanks

Micheal- REALTOR Fort Myers, FL 
Aimee, It was a pleasure working with fellow professionals, Thank you and your team for getting our deal closed. 

Janie S & Kerry P- Fort Wayne, IN
We could not be happier with Skip's performance!

Claude M.- Malverne, NY
Excellent- highly recommend Ana!

Harry H.- Lehigh Acres, FL 
I was first introduced to Tony Stanley in 2008. He was recommended to me by my banker. Tony has assisted my company in numerous investment home purchases since then. He also represented my wife and I in the purchase of our current residence. I have also listed propertoes with him, for resale. My experience with Tony has always been positive. He is trustworthy, knowledgeable, detail oriented and a responsible Realtor. i have, and will continue to recommend him to others looking to buy or sell Real Estate in Florida. 

Dear Aimee and all the Optima One Family, it has bee a true joy to have had the opportunity to know and word with you. Thank you so much for all your kind words and your testimonial. In these few short months you have become one of our favorite customers and we enjoy each and every time we get a chance to talk. 

Sonia- REALTOR Fort Myers, FL 
Thank you so much for all your help on our deal, If has been a pleasure doing business with you both, my client wanted me to tell you thank you for making his dreams come true in helping him with the purchase of his new home. All your hard work is truly appreciated. 

Tony, Thank you for your co-operation in our sale, it was a pleasure doing business with you!